The MCSA promotes the sustainable use of our mountain resources, and facilitates access to our natural heritage in a friendly and supportive manner, through:

walking, hiking & scrambling

A wide range of meets are offered – from relaxed, short walks with lots of botanising, all the way through to adventurous scrambling on routes that few venture onto; from half and full-day hikes, to weekend and longer hiking trips in remote ranges of the Cape.

Rock climbing

The MCSA provides a home for all kinds of rock activities, including local and national bouldering and sport-climbing competitions and events and traditional (‘trad’) climbing at all grades, from the easy to demanding, multi-pitch country routes. Training and instruction meets are also offered.

Mountain Rescue

Many club members play key roles in Wilderness Search & Rescue, the umbrella body that coordinates search and rescue activities in the Western Cape. Our Mountain Rescue group is very active in training and call-outs.


We are active in community outreach activities involving local youth groups, giving kids access to our beautiful nature and teach right behaviour in the mountains. And have lots of fun.


There are many groups actively involved in a wide range of conservation initiatives, such as alien vegetation hacking.


From time to time we have socials or presentations in various places in our area. Look out for those in the newsletter.