New fire safety rules at the Johnson Hut.

  • Open fires, candles and gas flames/lights are only allowed INSIDE the hut.
  • Buckets filled with water must be kept in close proximity of the fire/the hut.
  • All coals and ashes must be put out thoroughly with A LOT of water, and disposed of outside the hut, in the old outside fireplace, near the big oak tree.
  • Be extremely vigilant about potential fire hazards and situations which might lead to a fire.
  • The hut is situated on the land of Vergelegen Farm, and we, individually and collectively, hold accountability to the farm in respect of any damages resulting from our negligence.
  • From now on any visitor to the hut will have to sign and hand in the
    Johnson Hut Fire Prevention Protocol (PDF | 67.6 Kb)

Since 1964 we have our own hut tucked away up at the slopes of the Hottentots Holland mountains on Vergelegen Farm. The hut is fitted with an indoor fire place, has mattresses for up to 20 people, cutlery, pots and pans, a gas stove and the usual kitchen utensils. Water supply comes directly from the river via a pipe to the front of the hut. No electricity.

So you will have to bring just your food, fire wood, sleeping bag and usual hiking gear.

In the vicinity there are a few hiking opportunities: Along the river up Landroskloof, into Koffiekloof, along the jeep tracks. Or just swim in the rock pool close by.

Rules for Access to the hut on Vergelegen Farm

  • The drivers of the cars entering the farm must all fill in the logbook at the security gate!
  • Driver and all Passengers must sit on proper seats/benches and wear seatbelts. No sitting on the back of an open bakkie.
  • The fire access road to the hut is only to be used by foot! We don’t want 4×4’s parking directly at the hut!
  • Park cars either at the Silt Trap (snake pit), at the quarry (600m further) or drive up to the upper parking area.
  • Sign the visitors book in the hut!
  • Do not use open flames (candles, cookers, smoking etc.) in the loft!
  • Turn off the water supply with the valve hidden under stones to the right of the water outlet
  • Close the door and shutters thoroughly after your visit, combating theft

How to book the Hut

Tell the hut convenor at least 3 working days in advance with how many people and for how many nights you want to go up. He will have to arrange for your visit with Vergelegen Farm.

Arrange with the convenor when you collect the hut key at the convenor’s house. Fees are paid in advance, before keys are handed out. The Johnson Hut Fire Prevention Protocol has to be signed and handed to the Convenor.

Note: This is a MCSA hut, meant primarily for members of the club. Therefore we allow only certain numbers of non-members by a ratio of 2 non-member per 1 club member in a group.

Fees per night

Member Category Fee
Member R20
Member from other section R30
Non-Member R50
Member Child (u.14) R10
Non-Member Child (u.14 ) R25

How to get there: