Our section runs a very active search & rescue team that trains every second Wednesday night and every second month on a weekend with other rescue teams.

The training focuses on patient location, packaging and extraction; technical rope rigging (physics involved and practical implementation); navigation and radio communication.

Besides us there are many other volunteer groups in the Western Cape that play a vital role in wilderness/mountain search and rescue. The umbrella body of these groups is WSAR, a subsection of METRO, the governmental institution for medical emergency operations.

Find information about Search & Rescue on national level here on the MCSA’s main website, including emergency numbers in other provinces.

Join our Team

If you would like to join our team you are very welcome, but please read this letter we have compiled first to give you a realistic picture on what to expect.

At the bottom of this letter you will find a form to fill in (if you are still up for it). Please notify the rescue convenor when you’ve done that, we will then put you on our waiting list from which we select suitable candidates once per year, in January.

If you are just interested to obtain more information on the rescue team (or to make a donation!), you are welcome to contact us as well.

Donate to our group

We are a volunteer group, hence we offer our time for free to this cause. Nonetheless we rely on donations and fundraising to cover the costs for rescue gear and running expenses. If you would like to donate to our group please feel free to do so.

Our Account details are:

Bank:  Standard Bank
Account Name: MCSA HH Section
Branch Code: 03 30 12 (00)
Current Acct No: 07231 0111
Reference: SARDONATE [your name]

Donate with SnapScan

On the right you see our SnapScan QR code, which makes instant donations via your cellphone a breeze. Just head over to www.getsnapscan.com to find out how it works, install their app on your phone, set up your banking details and ‘snap’ the code to the left. You then can chose how much you want to donate and once you completed the procedure you will get instant notification of the transaction. Many thanks for supporting us!

Or click the button below to donate with a credit/debit card: