Hiking along the Palmiet River with fresh green mountains and lots of Fynbos in bloom, on a lovely, sunny day and no wind between the Koegelberg mountains, made this a lovely hike. This was a real 2A hike, but only one family with two little girls took part. Then there was another 6 people of the “elderly, but mostly fit!!” We walked for about 90 minutes one way along the river. The family pulled out a little earlier with two of the ladies, but 4 of us walked from about 10h00 to 12h00 and had then a lunch break on “The Beach along the Palmiet river”. It really felt like sitting on the beach with the Palmiet River rushing passed. The best was that between the Koegelberg mountains we were shaded from wind, which we found out later, when we went to have something to drink at the new restaurant near the Penquins in Betties Bay. There one was virtually blown over by the wind, so we had to have our drinks inside.