Doing a hike just a day after the MCSA’s 125th anniversary should be something special, and I officially registered this hike as one of the many events done by every section to commemorate this occasion. On the previous day it was raining, and in the morning Simonsberg was still partly in clouds. Tokara owner has a policy of waiving permits once the mountain is in clouds; therefore I needed to convince him that I know the route very well, in order to let us go. Grass and rocks on the slopes of Donkerkloof were still wet, so we had to be very careful on the way up. Especially rocks just before the pass between Simonsberg and Joubertspiek presented much more challenge than usual. However, we were always on the right path, as few cairns indicated. On the ridge we already had sunny weather, and the view from the top was magnificent, as usual. The path straight down is awfully eroded, nothing has changed so long. Signs of last year’s fire were still visible everywhere and our lightly coloured pants very soon turned black. Another beautiful hike to remember!